The Agile Sales Manager 

Having a well trained coaching staff gets you to the playoffs

An Agile Sales Model

Different prospect, different set of problems. Your message has to be agile as well

This concise summary of the Enterprise Selling Process will give you a methodology for delivering insight to your customers and more effectively controlling the buying cycle. As an added bonus, the paper include instructions for getting your own copy of our eNavigator sales tool.

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85% of sales training initiatives fail to produce lasting results. This ground breaking white paper explains how to transform the sales behaviors of an entire organization to produce tangible results.

"The ESG sales methodology process training has helped my team to quadruple our average contract value"  Senior VP Worldwide Sales, Good Technology

Our Services to Make Your Team More Agile

Key Metric Initiatives

Tailored initiatives to deliver a desired result

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"We have improved our ramp up time and competitive differentiation with ESG's focus on Agile Selling skills"  Senior VP Worldwide Sales, Appcelerator Inc.

Recent research proves the most productive sales teams are also the most agile. They learn how to deal with change better than other teams and use that agility to their competitive advantage. Learn what adaptation challenges all sales teams face and how your team can become more agile.

Sales Training Programs

ESG is the world leader in sales training programs, sales manager training programs, sales transformation, sales effectiveness consulting and marketing messaging training.

Agile Technology

It takes more than training to be an Agile Sales Team 

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